i-Brix is the First AND Only Wirelessly Powered Lighting System for LEGO®. 

(Compatible with LEGO® and other building brick brands. Patent Pending)

i-Brix works in a similar way as wireless cell phone charging or other wireless power technology. You can click on our "How" page to read more about it. 

Jurassic World vehicle with i-Brix

We love i-Brix! Being able to build LEGO® models without worrying about running wires underneath bricks, drilling holes in plates or messing around with separate batteries for each light - it really is a Bright Idea!

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Checkout our feature on KETV! Thank you, Daisy, for your contribution :)

Updated 8/16/17: i-Brix is funded! Our Kickstarter has ended and it was a great success! We do plan on offering preorder opportunities on both our website and Indiegogo soon - so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Also, we've been fortunate enough to have an early prototype reviewed by JangBricks... check out his video here: https://youtu.be/O2G8CiYTctk