i-Brix is the First AND Only Wirelessly Powered Lighting System for LEGO®. 

(Compatible with LEGO® and other building brick brands. Patent Pending)

i-Brix works in a similar way as wireless cell phone charging or other wireless power technology. You can click on our "How" page to read more about it. 

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We love i-Brix! Being able to build LEGO® models without worrying about running wires underneath bricks, drilling holes in plates or messing around with separate batteries for each light - it really is a Bright Idea!

Jurassic World vehicle with i-Brix

Updated 7/15/17: i-Brix is funded! We still have Early Bird Kits available to potential backers, so make sure to check out the campaign KS campaign

Also, we've been fortunate enough to have an early prototype reviewed by JangBricks... check out his video here: https://youtu.be/O2G8CiYTctk

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