We had great success with our Kickstarter campaign and we're very appreciative to all of you who chose to back our project! Although the KS is now over, we do plan on setting up additional preorder opportunities on our own website as well as on Indiegogo soon. 

One thing that we want our fans and followers to know is that unlike many other Kickstarter campaigns, our product has been through several review stages, including multiple design and engineering refinements. We have even completed an FCC prescan (which it passed). We chose to do these tests BEFORE the Kickstarter campaign, not after we collect funds from our Kickstarter supporters. We are taking the time and steps to make sure we introduce the best possible product available, which includes proper testing and thorough research "behind the scenes." 

Did you miss out on our Kickstarter but would still like to be among the first group to receive an i-Brix system? Don't fret, you can order directly from our online store today! Please allow approx. 6 months before your order will ship due to backlog of existing orders.