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Update 6/17/17: A lot of "buzz" is coming our way regarding i-Brix, and we couldn't be more excited! We wanted to let everyone know that our plan is to use the Kickstarter platform to initially get i-Brix into your hands. By bringing i-Brix to Kickstarter, we will be able to offer the best deals on sets and extras during the product's introduction to consumers. 

One thing that we want our fans and followers to know is that unlike many other Kickstarter campaigns, our product has been through several review stages, including multiple design and engineering refinements. We have even completed an FCC prescan (which it passed). We chose to do these tests BEFORE the Kickstarter campaign, not after we collect funds from our Kickstarter supporters. We are taking the time and steps to make sure we introduce the best possible product available, which includes proper testing and thorough research "behind the scenes." 

No one can be more excited about having i-Brix on the market than us and we plan on introducing a new campaign in 2017!