We have worked very hard to make the i-Brix concept work - on the surface, it does look easy enough, right? They're compatible with LEGO® bricks that light up! However, there's a lot of time and effort that has gone into the development of i-Brix to make it function. This includes hundreds of hours of research and engineering time to make the lights, well... light up! In a nutshell, we're the only company that has developed the technology to transmit wireless power over distance with such a product! 

Just think about it - as of today, any consumer products on the market that utilize "wireless power transfer" technically do work without the need to "plug-in" directly to the device you're powering. However, you still need to make the device touch the wireless transmitter. Therefore you're simply saving a very small step by not having to plug in a wire into your electronic device.

There are many other products that would benefit from the inclusion of our patent-pending technology! Of course trying to develop these other applications would be awesome - but very time consuming and take us away from what we intended it to be used for, which is i-Brix. So, that's where you may be able to come in. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you believe our system may be of benefit in your product concept. We may be interested in licensing the technology for use in your company's design. 

*Licensing fees will apply. Any engineering time required to study the ability to implement our technology into your company's idea will require a fee. If an agreement is reached to incorporate our technology into your product, an ongoing licensing royalty will be assessed. Fees will vary based upon the design, specific technologies used that have been developed by i-Brix, and the time invested during the investigative stage of the concept.