Hello fellow i-Brix supporters - We have now completed our third round of FCC prescan testing! & PASSED! This is AWESOME news and it means we are getting product into our backers' hands. With the final FCC testing complete, we are now 100% focused on preparing for manufacturing of our i-Brix kits. 

If you have not pre-ordered your i-Brix system yet, we strongly recommend doing so, as our first run of systems is nearly sold-out. Don't worry, we will continue manufacturing additional units, but due to factory scheduling and component availability it could potentially delay additional runs of our product. 

As most of you likely know, KickStarter is an amazing venue for concepts such as i-Brix to get their feet off the ground and build a fan base in advance of high volume, mass production. We have been fortunate to receive so much support and feedback from the Kickstarter community and are excited to provide you with the latest news on our progress with i-Brix. 

Since successfully funding the project, we have been working towards wrapping up the final design work needed to go into production with a reliable product for our backers. During the past several months, there have been a few major milestones reached that we feel are important to share with you all:

1. Receiver circuitry 

The original design of the receiver was too large to fit inside a standard 1x1 brick and would require the plastic of the brick to actually be molded "around" the receiver circuit. When we went to manufacture the first batch, we found that even with low-temperature molding, the process was too hot and was adversely affecting the receiver circuitry. The good news is that we have designed a new receiver circuit that allows it to be inserted into a standard brick while maintaining the distance! (We have also realized the new form factor allows us to design for ROUND 1x1x1 pcs!)

If you happened to have an opportunity to visit our booth at Bricks By the Bay, you may have had a chance to hold a few of our sample 1x1 bricks. The majority of those samples had been modified to accommodate our receiver circuitry (cut, hollowed out, etc). Being able to manufacture our i-Brix receivers without molding around the electronics is a huge win!

2. Transmitter Antenna Tuning

The biggest challenge in manufacturing the antennas in large volume is keeping their tolerances within specification. The antennas have to be held to a very tight tolerance in order to maximize the distance in which the bricks can light up. We have been working very hard with our manufacturer to develop a process that is very repeatable. We believe we have now reached a place where we can begin manufacturing antennas in high quantities with accuracy and consistency.

 Delivering our product "quickly" is important - however, shipping a reliable product that meets our backer's expectations in the long run is a higher priority for us. We are excited to say we are achieving several critical goals and have been impressed with our engineering team exceeding some of our original targets (for brick design and antenna performance).

We are full-steam ahead on getting this wrapped up so we can begin delivering product as soon as possible.  At this time we anticipate a 2019 delivery to our backers & pre-ordering customers. 

Again, we appreciate all of our supporters and look forward to continuing to provide updates and details on the systems as we get closer to volume production.