Find answers to the most common questions regarding i-Brix!

Q: What is i-Brix anyway? 

A: i-Brix is a new "patent pending" product/concept that utilizes wireless power technology to transmit and receive electricity through the air, which activates our powered bricks. During our product introduction via Kickstarter, we will be focusing on our Lit Brix components, which are actual 1x1 standard height bricks that have a wireless power receiver & LED inside, and can be placed on LEGO® bricks and other compatible building sets. It does seem far-fetched and maybe even impossible, but it DOES work and you'll seriously be amazed! :)

Q: Why did you use Kickstarter? 

A: It's simple - using KS as our platform to introduce i-Brix to the masses allows us to bring you a new and exciting product with minimal markup by skipping the reseller step. Although our ultimate goal will be to get i-Brix out to millions of people, we can use KS to offer the best prices as well as give more people access to the product initially.

Q: I wanted to own i-Brix yesterday. Can I order it now? 

A: Our approach to bring i-Brix to the masses via Kickstarter will provide all of our customers the best product experience possible, by allowing us to produce the final systems in volume. Rather than assemble kits by hand and hope they're consistent, we will ship all of our backers a high quality final product that performs as well (or better than) expected. Basically, we want everyone to enjoy i-Brix!

Q: When can I order i-Brix sets?

A: We are taking orders now for i-Brix systems HERE! 

Q: Can't I already buy lights for my bricks?

A: Yes - if you don't mind using larger building components, running wires or having batteries connected to your sets. i-Brix is a wirelessly powered brick system that does NOT require wires or batteries to be connected to the bricks themselves. A system will be comprised of a powered transmitter base (placed underneath your building area) and wireless building components. you will NOT need to press a button on a brick to get it to light up, or hide wires going to the bricks! As a matter of fact, if you were creative enough to find a way to "float" your brick in thin air above your transmitter surface, it could literally light up while it hovered. 

Another key element that we want to focus on is that you do not need to attach our Lit Brix units to special bricks that ultimately tie into the base. For example, there are no contact points in our bricks that need to touch metal pins, wires, batteries, or other metallic surfaces in order to power up. Again, you could dangle a Lit Brix unit above your building surface and it will light up. So, you could literally stack regular Lego branded bricks (or other compatible products) 10 pieces high and attach our Lit Brix to the top and BAM! We do not have proprietary bricks that must be attached to our lighted bricks to make them work.

Q: Why focus on 1x1 bricks? 

A: Easy - it's the most versatile size to work with and it provides the best-looking results when integrating into your builds. If you're trying to light a simple exterior house lamp you most likely don't want a 2x2 or 2x4 brick being used to accentuate a small lighted element. Several examples come to mind - vehicle lighting, plane lighting, home lighting, storefronts, signs, street lights/traffic signals, and so many more. Plus, you can put several of these on a small model and it still looks awesome! With i-Brix you will also be able to make micro builds look stellar - you won't need to stick a 2x4 brick inside a tiny building.