Here are tentative/preliminary specifications for the i-Brix Systems:

Transmitter (Power Plate) - 

  • Dimensions approx. 10"W x 10"L x 0.4"H
  • Input power 12VDC
  • Output power <3W
  • Range approx. 6"+

Receiver (Lit Brix) -

  • "1x1" brick size (8mm x 8mm x 9.6mm), flat surface on sides
  • Translucent plastic, injection molded
  • Single LED on-board mounted

Additional Specs/Details - 

  • Due to the nature of wireless power technology, a brick placed on it's side will have different distance limitations that a brick in a "normal", upright position. This is due to how the signal is transmitted through the air and how the receiver (brick) obtain the signal. 
  • Inductive Power Technology operates within specific magnetic fields. There is potential for interference across multiple systems when placed too closely together. For that reason, the i-Brix transmitter/base should NOT be placed closer than 12" on any side to another base. Therefore if you use (3) separate systems, you would want to ensure you have AT LEAST 12" of space between each base on all sides. Not following these instructions can result in damage to your i-Brix system (electronics) and may cause other electronics interference. 
  • i-Brix Systems use a proprietary, patent-pending wireless technology that has been specifically developed for our product. It is not designed (nor does it work) to provide wireless power or charging features to other electronics devices (ie, cell phones, watches, speakers, tablets, etc). We advise to NOT place any other electronic devices on top of or directly over an i-Brix base. 

*Note that these specifications are preliminary based upon product testing and performance capabilities. Subject to change prior to volume production. We are presently completing final refinements and testing on i-Brix and the final results may vary slightly from stated specifications above.